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Kế Hoạch Báo Thù

Kế Hoạch Báo Thù

The Five 2013Sep. 18, 202397 phút
HD Vietsub
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Tóm tắt

Xem phim Kế Hoạch Báo Thù - The Five 2013

Eun-ah once had a perfect life with her family before THE ONE invaded their lives, killing her husband and daughter in front of her. Escaping death, Eun-ah becomes a paraplegic. She struggles to seek revenge against THE ONE, but her immobile body becomes a hindrance. She searches for organ recipients, promising their families that she will donate her body parts if they help her seek vengeance. Five members find crucial clues and come close to finding THE ONE. However, THE ONE’s unexpected pursuit threatens Eun-ah’s revenge plan and endangers all five members.

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