Cầm Tù

Cầm Tù

Esaret 2022Mar. 06, 202360 phút/tập
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Xem phim Cầm Tù - Esaret 2022

Orhun is a successful entrepreneur, raised in a wealthy but loveless family alongside his twin sister Nihan, younger sister Nurşah, and their distant and cold-hearted mother Afife. Nihan left to do volunteer work as a doctor in Eritrea, but recently, they have been unable to contact her and her family is worried. While searching for his sister, Orhun coincidentally meets Hira, a poor girl living a life of a prisoner under the hands of human traffickers. They discover that Nihan was poisoned and killed by a local gang, leaving Orhun devastated. When he discovers that Hira is the one who poisoned his sister, Orhun harbors a sinister revenge plan: he will bring Hira into his home and make everything worse for her. Meanwhile, Afife, their mother, has been keeping Orhun’s father a secret since his childhood. Orhun decides to marry Hira as a means of revenge. Afife despises those of lower status and is obsessed with “pure bloodlines.” Will this marriage restrain Afife, or will the couple find redemption after settling their debts?

Cầm Tù

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